Deb Chaney Editions - Brooklyn, NY


Deb Chaney Editions is equipped with a Charles Brand Hand Lithography Press, 32”x52” and a library of lithographic limestones ranging in size from 8”x10” to 24”x32”. The studio is shared with Tamarind printer Anna Hoberman of Afternoon Editions and her 24"x48" Takach motorized litho press. All forms of lithographic printing from traditional stone lithography to aluminum plate and photo lithography are available.

Printing services in other print media are also offered in Etching, Silkscreen, Relief, and Monotype.

Ateliers Stéphane Guilbaud- Paris


Located in the prestigious Viaduc des Arts, in the heart of the 12th arrondissement in Paris, Ateliers Stéphane Guilbaud uses this space for the art and technique of lithographic printing. Using stones, plate or photo plate, they print using the arm press or on the 100 year old Viorin press, with the capacity to print up to 80x120 cm (31.5 x 47 inches)

La Force, Bergerac

Damien Deroubaix
Damien Deroubaix


Located in the southwest region of France, this studio is ideal for large format projects, using both stones and photo lithography.

-One Voirin Marioni flat bed litho press with the capacity to print a sheet size of 120x160 cm (47x63 inches) and a large litho stone to match. 

-One large etching press - hand operated - 155 x 300cm (61 x 118 inches) which can be used for printing intaglio, relief, monotype, or litho plates. 

-One large etching press - motorized - 125x200cm (50x80 inches), also for intaglio, monotype, litho plates, relief, embossing.

-2 litho hand presses, Busser and Brisset, to use with the library of smaller stones ranging from 30x40 cm (12x16 inches) to 50x76cm (20x30 inches)

-Stanhope relief press bed size 56x76 (22x30 inches) to print woodcuts or linoleum and a library of metal and wood type. 

-Ledeuil etching press with bed size 38x50cm (15x20inches)

-Photo litho images up to 120x160 cm (47x63 inches)* requires outside digital film output service

-Plus a guest house which can accommodate up to 8 (3 private rooms plus semi private loft, all with queen size beds) with kitchen and bath.