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What's on press - Paris

Kate McCrickard has finally found lithography.... a natural medium for an artist who dives in fearlessly with confident mark making and compositional vision. Often working from life, her effortless gestures lend themselves well working directly on stone, which also offers the opportunity of working reductively to create even greater varieties of texture and mark making, which is a characteristic of her monotype work. After a couple smaller experiments on stone to get herself acquainted with the medium, she then began this image, "Swimmers". Working with litho pencils, crayons and tusche washes she utilized the full size of the stone, which was then printed onto Bunkoshi paper. The lithographs were then embellished with hand additions of color for the final edition of 20.

This new publication by Deb Chaney Editions will be shown both in the Royal Academy Summer Show opening September 28, 2020 in London, UK, as well as the Editions/ Artist Book Fair in October 14-28, 2020. For more info please contact us directly at

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