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What's on Press - Brooklyn

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

We've got quite a few projects going on at the moment. Currently on deck are multiple lithographs by London based artist Emanuel von Baeyer. Predominantly a print dealer and publisher showing historical 16th - 20th century prints as well as work by contemporary artists, von Baeyer is quite a prolific artist in his own right. He first began working with Deb after the IFPDA Print Fair in NYC in 2018, and has returned multiple time since creating a total of 12 different lithographs, 9 of which will be editioned. In love with drawing on stone, he began each idea drawing with traditional materials of litho pencil and tusche wash. After proofing the initial drawings, he then added color runs to several images drawing on plates and mylar for photo litho.

It has been a very busy and very fun collaboration that we both hope to continue for years to come.

See images of the work in progress below.

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