Kate McCrickard


Swimmers, 2020, 64 x 83 cm (25" x 32.5")

Stone lithograph printed on Bunkoshi Japanese paper with hand coloring in gouache. Edition of 20

Kate McCrickard is a painter, printmaker and writer based in Paris, France. Her prints often have a loose and textured quality created using the trace monotype technique. But the underlying structure lies her confident drawing skills. Lithography is a perfect match for her.  With the combination of litho crayon and tusche wash, she is able to delicately and fluidly describe her lively scenes and characters.   


Kate's work has been exhibited world wide and is in the following museum collections: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The New York Public Library, The British Museum, Los Angeles County Museum, The Davison Art Centre, Wesleyan University, Connecticut, The Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh