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Ethan Murrow


3 color lithograph from stone

32.5"x  25.5" (83 x 65 cm)

Edition of 100



5 color lithograph from stone

42"x  31.5" (106.5 x 80 cm)

Edition of 70




4 color lithograph from stone

62.5"x 47" (160 x 120 cm)

Edition of 40


Murrow_Planting Time_2021_WEB.jpg

Planting Time

3 color lithograph from stone

40"x 29" (102.5 x 76 cm)

Edition of 50


Ethan Murrow is an artist based in Boston, Massachusetts whose work depicts narrative tales of the follies of human civilization and its relationship to the natural world and how much we both abuse and depend on it, love it and take it for granted.

An excerpt from his artist statement from his latest exhibition at Galerie les Filles du Calvaire in Paris: 

"I recognize that we are in an urgent collective struggle to partner with nature, to preserve, maintain and heal the land that gives us so much.... I often position my narratives as self-portraits and these works are no different, I am the protagonist here, who is dreaming of a flowing market basket and may have missed the warning signs right in front of my face. Yet the optimist in me sees these individuals as essential, despite the fact that they may be occasionally misinformed. Each of them believes so wholeheartedly in their goals that I want to believe they may actually be able to bring a soothing rain from the sky. If we all get down in the soil and sniff and listen we would probably be better off. The humans in my drawings are more than willing to try anything, to believe in magic, to talk to bees, to coo a lullaby to a plant in need of nutrients and laugh with unadulterated joy when a berry is at it’s juiciest." 


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